Recuva – Windows Data Recovery Software

Recuva is a complete data recovery solution for Windows systems. It supports FAT and NTFS partitions and can undelete files from disks, removable media, digital cameras and iPods. It can also recover files from corrupted or formatted disks. Deleted emails are also no problem for Recuva. If you have accidentally deleted email in Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird by emptying the Recycle Bin, Recuva will be able to recover it. Even corrupted Word documents can be recovered from temporary files. And if standard recovery options fail then there is deep scan which scans the disk on the lowest level trying to detect lost files. To complement data recovery functions Recuva supports also secure delete where it can overwrite files to prevent any later recovery.

Recuva is available with installer and as a portable version. The later is preferred as it makes it possible to run it from a USB flash disk or CD. If you decide to use the installer version then don't install it on the disk where you need to recover files. If you have just lost some files and need to recover them then the best approach is to start Recuva from recovery CD. If you still don't have such CD then make one as soon as possible. All you need is free data recovery software and a little time.


User interface is simplified and Quick start wizard allows you to quickly start scanning for deleted files. Recuva undelete functions work similarly as in other undelete tools. You start by selecting the disk. Then you can start scanning for deleted files. Recuva can show found files as

  • List view where recoverable files in excellent condition are marked with a green icon;
  • Tree view with file hierarchy;
  • Thumbnail view to visually browse images for easier recovery.

To limit the number of displayed files you can use file filter. Once the lost files are found you can either recover them or permanently erase them. File undelete can not be more simple.

One of great functions of Recuva is Word file recovery. Fortunately, Word creates temporary files from which it is possible to restore the document. Another cool function is email recovery from popular email clients. Email software stores emails in own database files. When an email is deleted it is stored in recycle bin from where you can easily recover it. But when you empty the recycle bin the software empties the database for recycle bin. Recuva can recover individual files in standard eml format so you can easily import them back into email software.




Recuva is more than standard free windows recovery software. In addition to ordinary file recovery functions it supports also email and Word file recovery. Recuva is also a simple but effective digital image recovery software. And if you need to prevent file recovery there is secure overwrite.


  • Simple user interface
  • Portable version
  • Email recovery
  • Word recovery
  • Secure overwrite


  • Supports only Windows and FAT/NTFS



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