Causes of Data Loss in Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are produced in large quantities. We use them on every step and are small so we can put them into pockets.

We use mobile phones for making phone calls, sending short messages, reading and writing emails, taking pictures, listening to music, browsing the web, playing games, etc. We can not think of life without mobile phones.

Portable media players are also very popular. The earlier devices supported only MP3 music format, but now they can also play movies. Take a look at Apple iPod. Beautiful device that can do anything except making phone calls. And if you need phone there is iPhone. If you don't like Apple then there is BlackBerry. A lot of mobile devices for every taste. Mobile devices are also used to carry computer files from one place to another. It is very convenient to use only one device for everything.

But because we use mobile devices on every step we also rely on them. We store contacts, images, files and even passwords. When out mobile phone fails we become desperate. We can not make phone calls, we can not be contacted, we can not browse the web, since we have all passwords and PINs stored on the mobile phone we can not use credit cards, etc. A lot of problems only because our little mobile device does not work.

Data Loss Causes

All mobile devices use some kind of memory for data storage. Smaller devices use flash memory, while others use small hard drives. Both are sensitive electronic devices that may experience various problems. Hard drives have also mechanical parts which are sensitive to shocks.

The first cause of data loss is obvious—physical damage. If dropped mobile phone doesn't work anymore it is very likely that the shock has damaged some internal wire contact or sensitive electronic parts. There are also cases where mobile device (phones especially) come into contact with water. Water damages electronic components and this leads to broken phone and lost data.

The second cause is more common—we lose data because the device uses application that read and write data to the storage media. Any software problem, bug or our wrong user action can lead to data loss.

In any case we can do very little to bring the data back. We would need special hardware, software and knowledge to analyze and repair the phone.

Fortunately, there are many mobile device recovery services that can help us to recover data from iPhones, BlackBerries, iPods, and other popular mobile devices.

Many companies specialize in retrieving data from popular mobile phones like iPhone and BlackBerry, but they also offer recovery for other mobile phones and services like sim card data recovery or iPod data recovery. They have a lot of work not only because people would like to recover phone books or some files, they also offer forensic data recovery services. Mobile phones are often used in criminal activities and from the data stored in mobile phones it is possible to find who has been contacted or what messages have been sent or received.

Such phone data recovery services are not cheap and it is much better and cheaper to prevent data loss.

How To Prevent Data Loss

The best way to prevent data loss is to have backup of all the data we have on mobile device. You never know when the phone will fail, it may also get lost somewhere. Always make regular backups of phone book and all other data on the mobile device.

Finally, treat mobile devices as you treat other sensitive electronic equipment. Keep them away from water and high temperatures.

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