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So many users lose data unnecessarily because they lack the information needed to prevent, troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix a problem. Welcome to the Kapela Data Recovery website where we provide free information on data recovery for all digital devices--from prevention to repair.

Computer failure can happen anytime. In most cases you are able to fix the problem and the applications are back. However, in some cases it may happen that the hard drive will fail. In such case it is very likely that you lost all the data. If you don't make regular backups to other media you may have a serious problem. Precious data is inaccessible, you can only hope that there is some way to get the disk back into life. This is when  data recovery can make you happy again. In many cases it is possible to restore data not just from broken disks, but also from other digital media like memory sticks, flash cards, digital cameras and even tapes.

People that don't make backups often search for computer data recovery services, file data recovery, deleted data recovery, data recovery programs and other data recovery information. Data recovery cost is usually high and you will need a good reason why you would pay data recovery specialists for professional data recovery. Finding the cheapest data recovery service is not easy because you are usually looking for somebody near you. Of course, if the data is really valuable then it doesn't matter if you live in New York and the data recovery service is located in Los Angeles.

In many cases you will be able to help yourself. There are cheap data recovery solutions where you can save your data with one of many data recovery programs. If you are not afraid to examine the computer file system than this approach may save you thousands of dollars.

hard drive head

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Sooner or later every hard drive will fail. Some will run many years without any problem, while some will cause trouble in the first months of use. And when the drive fails it will be the most inappropriate time. This is not Murphy's law, it's reality. And because many people do not have backups they need services that will restore data from a broken drive. Broken drives with valuable data are more common than you may think.

Disk tools

Hard Drive Tools

Hard drives need special attention because they store not only files we have created but also the operating system needed to control our computer. Therefore there are many tools from partitioning and formatting to disk monitors and data recovery tools. Most of the time you will not need them but when there is a problem they can save you files, time and money. Keeping disks and file systems in good condition will prevent headaches and painful experiences.

flash memory cards

Removable Media Data Recovery

Although removable media is not used for permanent storage there are still cases when you use USB pen drives--flash memory sticks to transfer files from one computer to another. And all digital cameras use some kind of flash memory media to save images. Imagine returning from abroad with thousands of images taken with the latest digital camera, connecting the camera to the computer only to find out that not a single image can be downloaded!


Mobile Device Data Recovery

Mobile phones, PDAs, iPods and other media (MP3) players are pretty common these days. We use them to make phone calls, send messages, or listen to the music. Many modern portable devices can be used also to store and display images and movies. If your gadget fails and you lose all contacts, MP3 files, images and movies this will probably not be a big deal but in some cases you will want to get the phone book or image files back.


Digital Image Recovery

Modern digital cameras are small and cheap and we carry them to every trip to capture beautiful nature, animals or just magic moments with our family. Sometime we press the trigger in the right moment and we capture a unique event. We can hardly wait to proudly show the pictures to our friends. What a disappointment when our state-of-the-art digital camera says there are no images! A simple file recovery can bring memories back.

data recovery software

Data Recovery Software

When hardware fails and you need the data you usually have two options: either to use some data recovery service or to try to restore the data by yourself. Of course, you will need a little knowledge and some tools. While professional data recovery laboratories use "professionally" priced software to restore different media and file systems, many data recovery cases on desktop computers can be solved with simple data recovery software available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

data recovery services

Data Recovery Services

When the disk drive rejects to spin or it is not detected by the BIOS anymore then you need professionals that will replace broken parts and make the disk working enough time to copy all the data. This operation may need only to replace disk electronics, but in some cases the disk need to be opened in a dust-free environment. Data recovery laboratories offer various services to recover data from individual, hard drives, RAID disk arrays, flash cards, digital cameras, etc.

email inbox

Email Recovery

For many people emails are the most important way of communication. In many cases we use emails to send confidential data, reports and even passwords. If we accidentally delete such important email or our mail software simply "loses" some emails we may be in trouble. In some cases it is not possible to ask for the data again or there is some other reason why we need this email back. Email recovery software can repair email database and in many cases restore email text.


File Recovery

This is a very common need. We don't need a broken disk to lose data. It is enough to press the Delete key when a wrong file is selected. Trashcan can store deleted files for some time, but sooner or later it will be emptied. Many people don't know that deleted files are still present on the disk, they are only labeled as deleted. This means that until the space occupied by the file is overwritten the file can be restored--sometimes in whole, sometimes only partially.


Laptop Data Recovery

Laptops are small, portable computers that have everything big desktop computers have. We use them at meetings, conferences, but also in offices instead of  desktop computers. It such case it is very simple to pack it and go to the meeting. Laptops carry all the data we need and we rarely think of backups--saving important data to some safer place. When laptop fails it may be the disk drive, motherboard, display or anything else. To get the saved data we need data recovery services.

forensic lab

Forensic Data Recovery

Data recovery is not only needed by naive people that don't make regular backups. There are many cases in criminal cases when prosecutors need data from destroyed media, damaged disks or deleted files to find suspects or to prove something. Forensic data recovery is data recovery service with one goal: to serve legal system. They are professionals with almost unlimited resources. They can recover data where other commercial companies would stop because of high recovery cost.


Database Data Recovery

When one or few files are deleted by accident there are many simple ways how to get them back. But when there is some problem with a large data structure as database then this is far from trivial task. Database data recovery is needed when we have no backup or it is too old to be used and the system using the database is not working. Fixing database problems can be everything from a simple task of starting some maintenance procedure to many days of expert work.


Tape Data Recovery

Tapes are still used for backups and also storage. Broadcasting still uses tapes as a main recoding media. And because there are many old tapes there are also needs to read them back. Regardless of the recording type, analog or digital, we may not always get what we want. Some rare recordings or old data archive on tape may need some recovery procedures to reliably read what was recorded decades ago.

delete key

Secure File Deletion

On this website we mainly discuss various data recovery aspects. All digital data recovery procedures and services rely on the fact that the data is still present and there is only some problem with the hardware that prevents us from reading the media. However, there are cases where we would like to be sure that the data will actually be erased and that no data recovery service will be able to restore it. Secure file deletion is more difficult than you may think.